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9.4 Points for Accordance

Rubén Gómez hat eine Rezension zur aktuellen Version der Bibelsoftware Accordance geschrieben. Erstaunlich, das eine gute Software noch so viel besser werden kann. Das Urteil von Gómez fällt eindeutig aus:

Accordance Bible Software is an incredibly powerful and easy to use program, sporting a very Mac-like user interface and a rather gentle learning curve. It has been designed as a central hub for Bible study (following the study Bible metaphor) and, although it certainly excels as an scholarly tool, it is perfectly suited for general purpose Bible study.

In my opinion, it remains the best overall Bible software product available on any platform. Other packages may offer certain features not yet available in Accordance, or more modules, but all in all, lack the power, elegance and ease of use found in this program. For anyone serious about studying the biblical texts and related works, Accordance is a must-have.

Hier die Rezension: www.bsreview.org.