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American Idols

Tim Keller erklärt in seinem neuen Buch, warum Geld, Sex und Macht uns so schnell vereinnahmen können. Sarah Pulliam Bailey hat für CT über Counterfeit Gods gesprochen und gefragt, wie man herausfinden kann, welche »Götzen« man verehrt. Keller meint, dass die Tagträume viel über unsere verborgenen Wünsche verraten:

Look at your daydreams. When you don’t have to think about something, like when you are waiting for the bus, where does your mind love to rest? Or, look at where you spend your money most effortlessly. Also, if you take your most uncontrolled emotions or the guilt that you can’t get rid of, you’ll find your idols at the bottom. Whenever I hear someone say, »I know God forgives me, but I can’t forgive myself,« it means that person has something that is more important than God, because God forgives them. If you look at your greatest nightmare—if something were to happen that would make you feel you had no reason to live—that’s a god.

Das Buch:

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