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Christianity Today-Gespräch mit Hermann Gröhe

Sarah Pulliam Bailey hat in Berlin für Christianity Today mit Hermann Gröhe (MdB) über die CDU gesprochen. Der Staatsminister geht nicht nur auf die Religionsvergessenheit in einigen Teilen der Bundesrepublik ein (»Leute sprechen davon, dass sie vergessen haben, dass sie Gott vergessen haben«), sondern meint auch, dass der Frontal21-Beitrag »Sterben für Jesus« über die Evangelikalen die Wirklichkeit verzerrt:

CT: Last month, a television station aired a report that compared Christian missionaries who were killed in Yemen with Jihadists. Are Christians generally portrayed poorly in Germany?

Gröhe: No, that was an unfair report. We have evangelical broadcasts on Sunday morning and evangelical activities funded by the state by large companies and publishing companies. It was very clear that the Protestant Church in Germany, which has a very evangelical and a liberal wing, said it was an unfair report.
It’s an unacceptable comparison for a journalist to think that Christian women who are prepared to die for their belief are the same as Muslims. They forget the difference: Those Christians are not prepared to kill for their belief. Osama bin Laden is prepared to die for his belief, Mother Teresa is prepared to die for her belief. But Mother Teresa was never prepared to kill for her belief. They also argued that it was the girls‘ responsibility because they looked for martyrdom. A Bible school teacher should not be proud of young men or women talking in such a way. We are told that the persecuted church is part of church life and that Christians are prepared to take that burden, but we are not to teach that young, enthusiastic Christians should seek persecution.

Hier das vollständige Interview: www.christianitytoday.com.