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CREDO: Warum Lehre wichtig ist

Die neue Ausgabe des Magazins CREDO ist erschienen. Das Thema lautet diesmal „Doctrine Matters“. Folgende Hauptbeiträge sind enthalten:

Ausserdem beschreibt Fred Zaspel die Pflege des geistlichen Lebens unter B.B. Warefield in „Old Princeton“:

The decided effort was not just to produce scholars but to “build up Christian men.” Theological learning is a given at a seminary, of course, and the learning of Old Princeton gained for it an international reputation. But from the beginning measures  were  put  in  place  to  accomplish  the  specifically “religious” goal also: morning and evening student-led prayer gatherings, daily chapel services, Wednesday evening faculty sermons focusing on the Christian life, two Sabbath Day services, classroom prayers as often as the professor deemed fitting, multiple reading assignments of specifically “religious” works  (such  as  Owen’s  Spiritual  Mindedness),  and  so on. It is not surprising to hear students testify, re-calling  their  days  at  Old  Princeton,  that  “religious  truth filled the very air” and that unless the student was given to genuine piety he just did not fit in.

Hier der Link: Doctrine%20Matters.pdf.