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Das gefühlte (Pseudo)Evangelium

Der Historiker Todd M. Brennemann hat ein Buch über den nordamerikanischen Evangelikalismus geschrieben. In:

beschreibt er die Evangelikalen als regressive Leute mit einem Hang zur Sentimentalität und zum Kitsch. Wie wahr!

Professor Jay Green hat für CT eine gute Rezension verfasst.

Homespun Gospel could very well launch a broad reinterpretation of contemporary evangelicalism. By placing sentimentality at its center, Brenneman challenges some long-standing assumptions about the movement’s contours and priorities. He argues that evangelicals’ “culture of emotionality” and “appeal to tender feelings” subtly shape both their beliefs about God and their manner of engaging the modern world. Sentimentalism elevates personal emotional needs—and their satisfaction through divine help—to evangelicalism’s highest priority.

Brenneman invites us to look closely at a popular yet understudied segment of evangelical discourse and commercial life. He focuses on the contributions of three celebrity pastors: Max Lucado, Rick Warren, and Joel Osteen. During the past 25 years, he says, these profitable “evangelical brands” have produced mountains of books and merchandise that reflect both the emotional and therapeutic appeal of evangelical teaching and the abiding popularity of sentimentalism.

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