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Das letzte Wort hat die Liebe

Rob Bells Buch Love Wins wird pünktlich zum Jugendplus-Kongress 2011 auf Deutsch beim Brunnen Verlag erscheinen. Schade. Dieses Buch brauchen wir nicht!

Inzwischen hat sich auch die Evangelische Allianz in Großbritannien hinter eine kritische Rezension des Buches gestellt. Derek Tidball schreibt:

Love Wins however only presents half the truth, which is disturbing to those who believe in the other half of the truth. Old Testament verses are strung together which speak of God’s grace triumphing over Israel’s sin and that their punishment will have a ’sale by‘ date. But he never mentions repentance in this connection as the prophets do, nor the fact that it was a remnant restored to the homeland. His teaching on hell ducks some hard issues while firing out a lot of questions of his own. God’s wrath, and his holiness, is touched on only very inadequately and insubstantially. He says the sacrificial understanding of the cross belongs to a primitive cultural world we no longer inhabit, so he sidesteps a key understanding of the cross. He assumes that people will come round to accept God’s love in the end, and doesn’t see why death is the irreversible cut-off point. But why does he think people will ‚repent‘ after death when they haven’t done so before? He uses some parables that appear to fit his argument but ignores others and uses them all in a somewhat interesting way.

Hier: www.eauk.org.