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Die Bibel: Einige Antworten auf moderne Herausforderungen

Über das Buch:

schreibt John Frame:

Vern Poythress has written what I consider to be definitive books on many subjects, including biblical interpretation, language, science, and sociology. In Inerrancy and Worldview, he brings his insights from these disciplines and more together to address the relation of biblical inerrancy to worldview. He shows quite convincingly that the issue of inerrancy is not just a matter of asking whether this or that biblical passage is factual. Rather, our attitude toward the claim of biblical inerrancy depends on our general view of how God is related to the cosmos and to us as individuals and societies. And that general view, in turn, depends on our relationship to Jesus Christ. The book gets deeper into the question of inerrancy than any other book I know.

Das komplette Buch ist derzeit als PDF-Datei gratis hier zu haben: 2012BInerrancyAndWorldview.pdf.