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Die Kristall Kathedrale bekommt Risse

Robert Schullers Crystal Cathedral wurde auf dem Fundament eines Selbstwertgefühl-Evangeliums aufgebaut.  Im Oktober 2010 ist nun der Prototype der Mega-Kirche in den Konkurs gegangen. Dieser Bankrott hat Signalwirkung für einen Evangelikalismus, der sich einseitig auf die emotionalen Bedürfnisse der Menschen fokussiert. Christianity Today (CT) schreibt ausgewogen aber bestimmt:

Christianity Today both the Crystal Cathedral and the theology that undergird it seem woefully inadequate buildings in which to house the gospel. In an age deeply sensitive to energy conservation, a glass house of worship is a sinful extravagance. In a culture increasingly addicted to the self, the gospel of self-esteem is clearly part of the problem. In short, the Schuller enterprise is filing for bankruptcy on more than one front.

Some are tempted to hit the man while he is down, but this is unwise. Robert Schuller is not the problem—contemporary evangelicalism is. Schuller was only leading the parade of those who believe they are responsible for making the gospel relevant. The lesson is not that Schuller got it wrong or that his theology is out-of-date; it is not that we just need to find a better, more current point of cultural contact. The lesson is that our attempts to find and exploit a point of cultural contact inevitably end in bankruptcy.

Hier: www.christianitytoday.com.