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Die moralische Krise des Westens

Mein Kollege Tom Johnson hat sich Ende der 80er Jahre intensiv mit Helmut Thielicke und Francis Schaeffer beschäftigt. In dieser Zeit entstand eine kleine Studie über die moralische Krise des Westens, die nun als MBS Text 117 veröffentlicht wurde.

Johnson kommt zu dem Ergebnis:

If the analyses of Schaeffer and Thielicke are, in the main, correct, it follows that our culture-wide moral crisis cannot be solved by direct political action alone. Thielicke´s framework would emphasize evangelism and public preaching, for it is through conversion that one is enabled to see Christ in the other. And the preached Word tends to relativize idolatrous worldviews and their effects. Schaeffer´s emphasis on the effects of ideas would emphasize training Christians in a comprehensive biblical worldview and in practicing the truth more consistently. At the same time, it would encourage Christians to challenge secularist worldviews by unveiling their presuppositions, their irrationality, and their incompatibility with normal experience.

Die Arbeit kann hier herunter geladen werden: mbstexte117.pdf.