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Die Rechtfertigungslehre von N.T. Wright

Die neue Ausgabe des CREDO-Magazins (Vol. 4, 1/2014) bringt einige sehr gute Beiträge zum Thema „Rechtfertigung“, unter anderem ein Gespräch mit Michael Horton, Brian Vickers, J.V. Fesko, Guy Waters, Korey Maas, and Philip Ryken.

Thomas Schreiner hat N.T. Wrights neues Paulusbuch besprochen und dabei auch die Frage der „Glaubensgerechtigkeit“ analysiert. Er bringt es gut auf den Punkt:

Wright’s statement about individual assurance raises another question. He insists rightly that justification isn’t a process. One doesn’t become more justified as time passes, and those who are justified are assured of final salvation. On the other hand, Wright also says that final justification is based on works. If final justification is based on works, then how can believers have assurance that they will be justified on the final day? Wright never answers or attempts to answer that question. I would suggest along with many others that it is better to conceive of works as the fruit or evidence of justification. Wright knows the distinction posited here but finds it to be unhelpful. Still, the language of basis should be rejected, for it suggests that works are the foundation of our right- standing with God, but how can that be the case if justification is by grace? And how can we truly have assurance if justification is based in part on works? Paul grounds justification on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus was declared to be in the right at his resurrection, so too all those who are united with Christ by faith also stand in the right because they belong to the one who has been vindicated by God.

Das CREDO-Magazin kann hier heruntergeladen werden: Justification2.pdf.