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Die Zukunft der AT-Theologie

Collin Hansen hat für CT den Autor es hochgelobten Buches Finding Meaning in the Pentateuch interviewt (siehe hier). John Sailhamer sagt dort über die Zukunft der alttestamentlichen Theologie:

By far the biggest change in Old Testament studies over the past four decades has been the fall—if not the total collapse—of the discipline of Old Testament itself. I don’t mean to say that the study of the Old Testament has no future. I mean only that there is a general sense among Old Testament scholars at the moment that the discipline of Old Testament studies has an uncertain future. It is not that there is no future. It is that no one has been able to predict what its future will be. This an exciting time and productive period to be studying the Old Testament because despite the many new approaches being tried and tested, a consensus on what will come next has not been reached.

Hier das Interview: www.christianitytoday.com.