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Durch und durch Hegelianer

Paul Helm hat einen Vortrag von Jürgen Moltmann besucht und beschreibt in einem kurzen Beitrag, wie weit sich der Tübinger Theologe von der traditionellen Gotteslehre entfernt hat (und wie problematisch es ist, Theologie auf der Grundlage einer Philosophie zu entwickeln):

Afterwards we were able to talk briefly about this and whether there was any time in his career when he was not a follower of Hegel. He said that there hadn’t been. And whether there was any way in which someone (like me, and the majority of the Christian theological tradition) could have a serious conversation with someone for whom God was to be spoken of exclusively in the language of subjectivity. He said that there wasn’t. But perhaps he did not understand me, and we failed to have a conversation about having a serious conversation. Nevertheless I was impressed once again by the way in which a continental Christian thinker will readily make Hegel (or Kant) a foundation stone of his theology, on a par with Scripture, so it seems. This creates a gulf that separates continental ways of thinking, not from English ways of doing theology, but from the main patristic, medieval and reformed way of thinking about the God of Scripture. Not a Greek superimposition, but a gulf arising from the data  of Scripture itself.

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