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Für eine Erweckung in Deutschland braucht es „Biblische Theologie“

Matthias Lohmann und Michael Clark haben einen guten Artikel über die Notwendigkeit der „Biblischen Theologie“ geschrieben. Die Gospel Coalition hat „Revival in Germany Needs Biblical Theology“ heute veröffentlicht:

Imagine, if you can, a training center for young doctors whose curriculum focused entirely on studying individual parts of the human body. One day students might investigate the elbow, which would arrive hermetically sealed and sterile. Next, attention would shift to the kidney or the eyeball and so on. Over time, each part of the body would become the subject of extensive analysis, being dissected and re-dissected into ever smaller units, which would themselves then become the focus of further scholarly inquiry. Yet at no point would students ever investigate the interaction between these parts and their relationship to the body as a whole. Indeed, though the existence of the body was widely recognized as „fact,“ the very idea of such an enquiry into its combined function was deemed „unscientific“ by the authorities and ruled out as a suitable topic for research.

What would be the consequences of such an approach to medical education? To begin, while students might graduate with extensive knowledge about all manner of things, they would understand next to nothing about the parts they had been examining. For how can you explain what a nose is and does without reference to the face on which it sits, the central nervous system, and the brain? Worse still, they would be hopelessly ill-equipped to deal with a person as a whole. Their training would give them no way of distinguishing between a complete collection of diverse human „material“— each piece carefully dissected, labeled, and sealed in individual plastic bags — and their own living, breathing daughter. Without some understanding of the bigger picture, of how the parts fit together within the whole, their knowledge would ultimately amount to almost nothing.

Hier mehr: thegospelcoalition.org.

Wer mehr über die „Biblische Theologie“ erfahren möchte, sollte sich schnell für die im Artikel erwähnte Konferenz anmelden.