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Interview mit Andreas Kostenberger

Kevin de Young hat mit dem hervorragenden Exegeten Andreas Kostenberger über sein Buch The Missions of Jesus and the Disciples According to the Fourth Gospel gesprochen.

Kevin: In a couple sentences, what is the mission of Jesus in the gospel of John? Is the mission of the disciples the same as Jesus’ mission?

Kostenberger: Essentially, there are three facets to Jesus’ mission in John’s Gospel: he is (1) the sent Son; (2) the one came into the world and returned to the place from where he came (descent-ascent); and (3) the eschatological Shepherd-teacher. The mission of the disciples is similar to Jesus’ only with regard to his sending, that is, they are to emulate the obedient and faithful relationship Jesus sustained with the Father in their relationship with the exalted Jesus as they go about their mission.

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