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Interview mit Dr. Helen Brown über Accordance

Die Ärztin Helen Brown gehört zum Accordance-Team bei OakTree-Software. New Vilna Review hat mit ihr über die beste Bibel-Software der Welt gesprochen.

Accordance is primarily designed to help users study the texts of the Bible and related texts, and to access dictionaries, commentaries, and other books which assist in that study. It makes it easy to read the text along with translations in parallel. Many texts are „tagged“ with additional information about the underlying words, and Accordance presents that information easily and unobtrusively, and allows searches based on that information, as well as on the words and phrases themselves. In Accordance the user can select a word or phrase in any resource and search for it in any other resource, or his entire library, with a couple of clicks.

Hier mehr: www.newvilnareview.com.