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Interview mit John Frame

Das nachfolgende Interview wird nur für Leute interessant sein, die sich mit Apologetik oder Philosophie beschäftigen. Brian Auten hat sich mit John Frame über die „Voraussetzungsbewusste Apologetik“ in der Tradition von Cornelius Van Til unterhalten. Was dabei herausgekommen ist, ist eine kurze und verständliche Einführung in  „presuppositional apologetics“.

Bemerkenswert und ermutigend finde ich das Schlussstatement (zitiert aus dem Transskript):

Of course number one, I think we need to go back to the Bible again and again to see what God says is relevant to our thinking or philosophizing or reasoning and the way we present the Gospel to people who inquire, of course 1 Peter 3:15, sort of the theme of my Apologetics to the Glory of God but there is certainly a lot more in the Bible that God has to say to us with regard to reasoning and with regard to presenting the Gospel to people who have questions and thence. Beyond that I think we need to investigate the world that God has made for more evidences, for more arguments that makes the truth clear and again there is nothing wrong with seeking evidences in a presuppositional context in fact I am hoping that my successors among presuppositional apologists – I am 71 so I am not going to quietly do this, but I wish other presuppositional apologists would get together and come up with a kind of encyclopedia of the evidences in the Christian faith and show how they can be used and show how cogent they are and how it makes a difference to treat them in a presuppositional way.

Further I think that – I hope that the next generation will not be so preoccupied with method as we have been and I get the impression that today among presuppositionalists and I am criticizing my own movement here and I am criticizing myself as well. We spend so much time arguing against the opponents of presuppositionalism. We haven’t done enough of what the apologetics is really for. We should be arguing with non-Christians not arguing with other Christians about apologetics method.

There is a certain amount of that that has to be done but I think we need to get back to really dealing with non-Christian thought. Van Til certainly did that with Philosophy and other movements. We need to deal with every aspect of Philosophy, Religion and culture that is contrary to the Gospel and that is what we can do best for the Kingdom of God if we have such a great method of apologetics then we need to show that it bears fruit.