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Interview mit Kevin Vanhoozer

Kevin Vanhoozer war Blanchard Professor für Theologie am Wheaton College  und geht nun wieder zurück an seine ehemalige Wirkungsstätte Trinity. Justin Taylor hat sich 2009 mit ihm über die evangelikale Theologie und einige Buchprojekte gesprochen. Das Interview ist immer noch interessant.

I have a pet theory: every significant intellectual and cultural trend eventually shows up in the way people read the Bible. Is there an alternative to imposing theoretical frameworks onto the Bible? Do all interpretive frameworks do an equally good job at preserving the integrity of the gospel, and hence the significance of Jesus Christ?

A related issue concerns the conversation between exegetes and systematic theologians about biblical interpretation. We have a long way to go fully to heal the Enlightenment split between biblical studies and dogmatics. No one – neither church nor society nor academy – really benefits from this balkanization of theological studies.

Finally, I’m concerned that the attitude that „no one can really know the truth” has seeped into the evangelical mind. From the (correct, in my opinion) premise that no tradition gives us exclusive access to absolute truth, some infer (incorrectly, in my opinion) that it really doesn’t matter which, if any, tradition we inhabit. For my own part, I’d rather reside in a house with a leaky roof or basement than rough it on the street.

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