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NIV Bibel Update

Die überarbeitete Übersetzung der NIV Bibel sollte viele Probleme mit der ›geschlechtergerechten Sprache‹ lösen. Überzeugt das Ergebnis? Christian Post schreibt:

A new report by a leading critic of the TNIV finds that 75 percent of gender-related problems in the now-defunct version are retained in the updated NIV Bible.

The Committee on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood this week published a full critical evaluation of the new NIV Bible, concluding that the latest translation »cannot be considered sufficiently trustworthy in its translation of gender language.« The findings were consistent with the group’s November statement that refused to commend the 2011 NIV (actually copyrighted 2010) due to »gender-related« language problems it previously identified in the TNIV.

Hier die CBMW-Stellungnahme: www.cbmw.org.