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Oral Roberts (1918–2009)

Der Pfingstprediger Oral Roberts ist am 15. Dezember im Alter von 91 Jahren gestorben. The New York Times hat ihm einen langen Beitrag gewidmet und dabei etliche Dinge erwähnt, die ich bisher nicht gehört hatte. Zum Beispiel die Sache mit dem Brief von John Lennon:

Oral Roberts University estimated that Mr. Roberts, its founder and first president, had personally laid his hands on more than 1.5 million people during his career, reached more than 500 million people on television and radio, and received millions of letters and appeals. Among those seeking counsel and prayer were Presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon and Jimmy Carter. John Lennon wrote a letter to Mr. Roberts in 1972 seeking forgiveness for publicly remarking that the Beatles were »more popular than Jesus« and asking him to »explain to me what Christianity can do for me.«

Hier der Artikel: www.nytimes.com.