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Sally Lloyd-Jones arbeitet an einer Bibelausgabe für Erwachsene

Sally Lloyd-Jones  war mit ihrer Kinderbibel so erfolgreich, dass sie sich hingesetzt hat, um eine „Bibelausgabe“ für Erwachsene zu verfassen. Mit CT hat sie über das Projekt, dass im Sommer 2016 veröffentlich werden soll, gesprochen. Sie sagt dort:

Writing for children kept me honest. You know you can’t say to a 5-year-old or a 4-year-old “God punished them because of their sin.” I wrote with my nephew and nieces in mind. I set out to describe sin so that it would capture their imagination and move them. I explained that sin is not just breaking rules, it’s breaking God’s heart, and that sin is like poison: it makes your heart sick and not work properly anymore. Sin is running away from God and hiding in the shadows from him. It could also be thinking you don’t need God and could happy by yourself, but God knows that isn’t possible since happiness doesn’t exist without him.

My goal was help a child see that this was all coming from God’s protection. He loves us, and that’s why he doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves. God doesn’t just make rules saying, “Don’t do things, do that” on a whim. He made us, and he knows what will bring us joy, and he longs for our joy because he loves us so much.

Hier das vollständige Gespräch: www.christianitytoday.com.