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Das Tyndale House in Cambridge arbeitet an einem webbasierten Werkzeug für das alltägliche Bibelstudium.

„STEP represents the most comprehensive yet user friendly tool for Bible Study I have seen in over 35 years of research,“ said Dr Wesley B. Rose. Tim Bulkeley, a contributor to the project, said „I wish I was just starting to teach in Kinshasa now, with STEP and a smart phone. Students would find learning Hebrew and Greek, to read the Bible directly, so much easier.“

Almost a hundred volunteers worldwide have contributed to this work, including 75 who helped to align the ESV, used with the kind permission of Crossway, with the underlying Greek and Hebrew. All their work will now be freely available for other software projects. There are many exciting features in the pipeline for others to get involved with.

Das Projekt enthält eine deutschsprachige Menüführung und deutsche Bibelübersetzungen.

Hier ein Blick auf die Betaversion der StepBible.org.