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Todd Billings: Gemeinschaft mit Christus

Mein persönliches Buch des Jahres 2011 heißt:

Billings ist ein kenntnisreicher und eigenständiger Denker. Dieses Buch erörtert das Thema der Christusgemeinschaft nicht nur auf akademisch-theologischen Niveau, sondern aktualisiert es auf persönliche und faszinierende Weise für das kirchliche Leben.

Zum Buch schreibt der Verlag:

Accomplished theologian J. Todd Billings recovers the biblical theme of union with Christ for today’s church, making a fresh contribution to the theological discussion with important applications for theology and ministry. Drawing on Scripture and the thought of figures such as Augustine, Calvin, Bavinck, and Barth, Billings shows how a theology of union with Christ can change the way believers approach worship, justice, mission, and the Christian life. He illuminates how union with Christ can change the theological conversation about thorny topics such as total depravity and the mystery of God. Billings also provides a critique and alternative to the widely accepted paradigm of incarnational ministry and explores a gospel-centered approach to social justice. Throughout, he offers a unique and lively exploration of what is so amazing about being united to the living Christ.