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Von Alvin Plantinga lernen

Der Philosoph Kelly James Clark beschreibt in einem Artikel, wie er als Student die Vorlesungen von Alvin Plantinga erlebt hat. Platinga hat in der Tat eine Renaissance der Religionsphilosophie in den USA ausgelöst und viele junge Leute dazu animiert, das Fach Philosophie zu studieren. Zu den Studenten zählen etliche bekennende Christen.


I remember that first day of class like it was yesterday. I had enrolled in Notre Dame’s PhD program in philosophy to learn from Alvin Plantinga. The first time I saw him, he strode into the classroom, pulled out a chair, set his feet on the seat and his bottom on the back, rolled up his sleeves, and started lecturing in his deep, resonant voice. As the semester went on, we started taking bets on when he might pitch backward off his precarious position. But he never did. Most of us first-year students, however, weren’t so lucky. Plantinga had such a huge reputation as a philosopher that advanced graduate students and even a few professors were taking his class. Plantinga was already world-famous for his work in the philosophy of religion, metaphysics, epistemology and logic. His high-level conversations with those professors both exhilarated and intimidated us beginners. Perched as we were on the precipice of understanding, we often found ourselves teetering over the edge.Sensing our desperation, Plantinga would shush the professors and then pick up our pieces and put us back together. With patience and good humor, he’d start again, this time at the beginning, and slowly bring us along to greater understanding.

Clarks Buch, Return to Reason: A Critique of Enlightenment Evidentialism and a Defense of Reason and belief in God ist stark von Plantinga geprägt und erhielt irgendwann den Ruf, eine Einführung zu Plantinga für Dummies zu sein.

Plantinga hat übrigens kürzlich den renommierten Templeton-Preis erhalten. Ein Artikel von Plantinga in deutscher Sprache ist hier zu finden: mbstexte184_a_01.pdf.