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Werden Christen in Europa verfolgt?

„Christen in Europa steht die Verfolgung bevor“, meldete das Online-Portal The Parlament am 2. Oktober 2012. Der Titel ist zu reißerisch, geklagt wird auf zu hohem Niveau. Dennoch ist die Beobachtung richtig, dass Menschen, die sich zu einer einer christlichen Ethik bekennen, in Europa mit wachsender Intoleranz konfrontiert werden:

Several speakers, including MEPs, said Christians in countries like the UK faced „increasing levels of intolerance“ because they had „dared“ to be critical of Islam and homosexuality. EPP member Anna Zaborska went even further, saying Christians were being „persecuted for their beliefs“. She cited an example of „intolerance“ the „difficulties“ some workers have in wearing the Christian cross while at work. Zaborska said she was referring to two British Christians– British Airways check-in clerk Nadia Eweida and NHS hospital nurse Shirley Chaplin – who were refused the legal right to wear a cross at work and are now asking the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to overturn the British judgments. Lawyers briefed by the UK coalition are expected to tell the court that Christians in Britain should not expect to be allowed to wear a cross at work or with a uniform. Zaborska, a Hungarian MEP, said the EU had a role to play in „defending freedom of speech“, adding, „This is all about respect of human rights. „This is a universal right and, in cases where it is being abuse, the EU has a right to speak out in the defence of it.“ The deputy was one of the keynote speakers at a high-profile seminar organised by the ECR group in parliament on „discrimination“ against Christians in Europe.

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