Echos aus Eden

NewImageJerram Barrs befasst sich in seinem neuen Buch:

mit dem Thema Kunst. Tim Keller schreibt über die Veröffentlichung:

Echoes of Eden is the most accessible, readable, and yet theologically robust work on Christianity and the arts that you will be able to find. It is biblical, theologically sound, filled with examples, and edifying. It anticipates and answers well all the most common questions that evangelical people ask about the arts. I highly recommend it.

William Edgar sagt:

A beautiful book on the contours of beauty by a beautiful man. Jerram Barrs here presents a lifetime of meditations on a subject close to his heart. The arts, he argues, are not a luxury, nor are they the savior. Instead they are an integral part of human life because they provide a unique window onto divine truth and the truth of the divine. The chapter on how to judge the arts is alone worth the price of admission. Reading these pages one can tell that art is not the subject for Jerram, but a rich palette, one he has lived with over the years. The arts, in his assessment, tell us not only what has been lost after Eden, but also how we may return to that gorgeous land. This book will enrich both professional artists and anyone else sensitive to the power of the arts for all of life.

Hier das Inhaltsverzeichnis:

  1. God and Humans as Creative Artists
  2. Imitation, the Heart of the Christian’s Approach to Creativity
  3. Building a Christian Understanding of the Artist’s Calling
  4. How Do We Judge the Arts?
  5. Echoes of Eden: God’s Testimony to the Truth
  6. The Conversion of C. S. Lewis and Echoes of Eden in His Life
  7. Echoes of Eden in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings
  8. Harry Potter and the Triumph of Self-Sacrificing Love
  9. Shakespeare and a Christian Worldview
  10. Jane Austen, Novelist of the Human Heart
  11. Appendix: The “Outing” of Dumbledore

Das Buch erscheint Ende des Monats.


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