Bucer: Reformator, Evangelist und Seelsorger

Andrew Purves schreibt in Pastoral Theology in the Classical Tradition über den Reformator Martin Bucer:

The evangelical heart of Bucer’s theology leads him to see evangelism as a primary feature of pastoral care, an evangelism directed both to those who have not yet heard and responded to the word of Christ the Lord, as well as those who have been part of the body of Christ but who have fallen away. Not only are the lost sheep to be sought, but also the stayed sheep are to be restored. In such a way, according to Bucer, pastoral care must have as a primary responsibility a concern for salvation of the sinners lost and strayed who are still God’s elect … Bucer insists that pastoral evangelism is to be pursued with the highest diligence and unremitted effort.

Hier der Kontext zum Zitat: www.reclaimingthemind.org.


  1. Michael Milbradt meint:

    Bucer my friend


    Und doch bleibt die dutsche oder deeutsche Sprache gegenüber dem
    Anglizismus erhalten.

    Luther un Bucer hoben sich verstanden -gewiss doch

    Natürlich bleibt Sachsen einschließlich der Region hin zu Tschechien
    l u t h e r i s c h.

    Die Leuenberger Konkordie 1973 hats gerichtet.

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