Francis Schaeffer als bleibende Herausforderung

Chuck Colson und Timothy George behaupten in ihrem CT-Artikel über Francis Schaeffer: Mit lasergenauer Präzision benennt Schaeffer das Grundproblem unserer Zeit: die Ausklammerung der Wahrheitsfrage.

Many of us have tried to pick up pieces of Schaeffer’s legacy. But no one has brought charity and clarity together the way he did. No one has spoken with the compassion, precision, and, yes, fierceness that Schaeffer brought to the task. Some say today that the church should take a sabbatical from speaking to the culture at large. That would be a grave mistake. The alternative to winsomely engaging the culture isn’t blissful withdrawal: it is further subjugation to what Pope Benedict XVI has called the „dictatorship of relativism.“ Schaeffer taught us that the undermining of truth leads to the loss of human rights, including liberty and life itself. The title of this column is an apt description of Schaeffer’s legacy: contra mundum, against the world. Schaeffer swam against the stream and his words were prophetic, sharp, sometimes cutting. But Schaeffer was against the world in order to be for the world, the world God made and for which Christ died. We can hardly celebrate his legacy in any other way but to hear and to heed.


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