Rezensionen zu Büchern über »Mission der Kirche«

Die neue Ausgabe des Online-Journals von 9Marks stellt Bücher zum »Thema Mission der Kirche vor«.

Whatever you might think about our friend’s counsel, the conversation about the church’s mission is difficult, which is why we are devoting this eJournal to reviewing the books on the topic. That way, you don’t have to just hear from us, but from people who have thought about these issues longer and more carefully than we have.

Some of these books we would commend to you wholeheartedly, like VanDrunen’s, Hunter’s, and Keller’s, precisely because they discern the type of distinctions described above. Others we like for one reason or another, but would refrain from giving a full endorsement, as with Wright’s two books or Corbett and Fikkert’s. All of these books are deeply intelligent, Christian, and have something to teach each of us. I do want to call special attention to David VanDrunen’s two books. A number of neo-Calvinists and tranformationalists just might discover that their thinking is more amenable to aspects of the two-kingdoms view than they realize.

Finally, Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert kindly agreed to give us a sneak preview of their book What Is the Mission of the Church? to be released next year by Crossway. Through it all, we hope these reviews and excerpts will help you, pastor, discern which things in your church’s life are weighty and which things are the weightiest.


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