Vertiefte biblisch-theologische Forschung

Das Tyndale Haus hat 1997 eine kleine Schrift mit dem Titel:

  • „Serving Christ Through Biblical and Theological Research“. Leicester: Religious & Theological Students Fellowship / Cambridge: Tyndale Fellowship, 1997. Pbk. S.14.

herausgegeben. Der Text ruft dazu auf, das theologische Studium mit großem Fleiß und Ernst zu betreiben, ist also ein gelungenes Plädoyer für mehr Tiefgang beim Umgang mit der Heiligen Schrift. Ich kann den Text besonders Leuten empfehlen, die über den Einstieg in den geistlichen Dienst nachdenken oder bereits mit dem Studium begonnen haben.

It is a curious fact that the church, despite its professed belief in God’s revelation, has often neglected to study it in depth. Some Christians, who would take for granted the value of expert scientific research into the wonders of God’s creation, have been content with a very superficial and amateur understanding of God’s truth in Scripture. The problem may partly stem from a false idea of the ’simple gospel‘: because the essence of Christian faith may be understood by a child, some Christians have tended to assume that there is no need for expert study or demanding teaching. But God’s revelation is utterly profound, as well as essentially simple, and no amount of study and reflection on our part will exhaust its riches. The result of feeding adult Christians on Sundayschool-level teaching is liable to be disastrous: some will fall away altogether, because they are not satisfied with inadequate answers to real questions; others, because they are confused, will lose their enthusiastic commitment to Christian witness and service. Christians need to grow in understanding. That means a need for teaching; and if that teaching is to be really satisfactory, careful study and accurate research must undergird it.

„Serving Christ Through Biblical and Theological Research“ wurde freundlicherweise von Rob Bradshaw digitalisiert und kann hier heruntergeladen werden: serving_anonymous.pdf.


  1. Hallo Ron, danke fürs Teilen dieses Textes im PDF. Er hat mich sehr angesprochen – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes.

  2. @Jonas: Danke!

    Liebe Grüße, Ron

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