Christsein in Westeuropa

Westeuropa gilt als eine der säkularsten Regionen der Welt. Die Forscher des renommierten amerikanischen Pew-Zentrums haben die Einstellung zur Religion in Westeuropa untersucht. Der DLF-Redakteur hat die Studie gelesen und meint, Europa sei christlicher als erwartet und überzeugte Christen seien gegenüber Muslimen besondern kritisch.

Hier der DLF-Beitrag:



  1. Markus Jesgarz meint:

    Dies ist ein Kommentar zu der Aussage:
    Ihr (die Forscher des renommierten amerikanischen Pew-Zentrums) Ergebnis:
    „Je christlicher, desto skeptischer gegenüber Muslimen.“, sagt Dlf-Redakteur Andreas Main.
    Meine Meinung ist:
    Das Christentum ist objektiv wahr. Jede Aussage einer beliebigen Glaubensgemeinschaft, die bezüglich dem Inhalt ihrer Aussage dem Inhalt der Aussage der Bibel widerspricht ist nicht wahr.
    In dem Beitrag:
    „Why Trust the God of the Bible“
    von Dr. Richard Howe, Dr. Thomas Howe, Dr. Doug Potter, Adam Tucker und Christina Woodside steht
    unter „6. But That’s Just Your Interpretation!“ und
    „Connecting Different World Views & Objectivity“
    unter „3. But, isn’t universal validity implied in the notion of objectivity?“
    auf der Seite 28 von 49 in der Anzeige:
    Not only is universal validity implied in the notion of objectivity, but it is also the very essence of objectivity. Anyone who attempts to deny neutrality assumes that his own claims are universally valid and therefore objective. To claim that there can be no neutrality assumes this very neutrality. All such claims are self-defeating and false.
    unter „6. If objectivity is possible, doesn’t that mean that it is also possible to judge whether an interpretation is correct or not?“
    auf der Seite 29 von 49 in der Anzeige:
    The fact of self-evident, undeniable first principles constitute a foundation upon which objectivity is based.
    We believe that the God of the Christian Scriptures has created us after His image, and this insures the objectivity of truth and a correct interpretation of His Word are in fact possible.
    unter „7. What Can We Conclude?“
    auf der Seite 30 von 49 in der Anzeige:
    We can conclude that the Bible is in fact God’s true Word revealed to us and that we are capable of accurately understanding what He has said. This means that Christianity is objectively true, regardless of what anyone believes about it. Using our indispensable tool of the law of non-contradiction, which says opposite ideas cannot both be true at the same time and in the same way, we can immediately know that any world view that contradicts Christianity is necessarily false.
    Eine skeptische Haltung gegenüber Muslimen ist objektiv richtig.
    In dem Beitrag:
    Islam and the Muslim Mindset
    von Mordechai Kedar steht:
    Muslims can give peace to Infidels, but only temporarily peace. Only as long as the Infields are too powerful to be defeated.
    This is based on the precedent of prophet Muhammad who made temporay peace with the infidels of Mecca in the year of 628 CE, which is known as a Hudaibiyah peace. That peace agreement was signed for ten years. After two years however when the Meccans fell asleep at the guard, he attacked in the year 630, TWO years into the 10 year agreement, violating it.

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