Der moralische Relativismus ist tot

CT hat einen interessanten Beitrag mit dem Titel „Der moralische Relativismus ist tot“ veröffentlicht. Gezeigt wird dort, dass sowohl Konservative als auch Liberale an eine (zwar jeweils verschiedene) transzendente, moralische Grundlage appellieren.

Many Christian preachers, apologists, evangelists, and writers have taken heed of the declining numbers, but decades of pitting “Christian worldview” against “moral relativism” left habits that are hard to break. You’ll still hear Christians assume that the reason for so much rampant immorality in our culture is because people reject objective right and wrong. Many still assume that discussions over morals are likely to end with, “Well, that’s your truth, but I have mine.” Make no mistake: Disputes over morality are as strong as they have ever been. But if we view these disputes through the lens of “moral relativism,” it’s not only our understanding of our culture that will suffer. Our evangelistic witness will also be severely blunted.


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