Weg mit den Kreuzen: das Neuheidentum boomt

In Belgien könnten Kreuze auf Friedhöfen bald verboten sein. Das zumindest fordert ein neuer Gesetzesentwurf. Demnach sollen religiöse Symbole künftig aus öffentlichen Einrichtungen verbannt werden.

Belgische Politiker debattieren derzeit über die Trennung von Staat und Kirche. Sollte der geplante Gesetzesentwurf in Kraft treten, könnte das bedeuten, dass Kreuze von Friedhöfen verbannt werden. Sie dürften dann nicht mehr an zentraler Stelle oder im Eingang, beispielsweise als Gedenkkreuz oder Friedhofssymbol, stehen. Das berichtet die Tageszeitung »Die Welt«. Demnach sollen nur noch Kreuze auf individuellen Gräbern zugelassen sein.

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  1. Separation of State and Religion should not mean banishment of Christianism from public culture, or denying of the historic importance of christian faith, specially in Europe. It’s sad to read news like that.

    In Europe (maybe also here, in a nearby future) christianism must be avoided in many levels; in Muslim countries, even not allowed. So, in the end, the message of the world is: if you are a Christian, keep it for yourself, or don’t be.

    But reading the Bible, we know exactly why this happens.


  2. @ Cristiano

    I don’t think it will vanish, it will remain as a label. The question is what we’ll find behind it…

    Greetings, Jürgen

  3. Roderich meint:

    It does not need to vanish. It (in part) depends on what Christians do now, since we recognize the trends. Just 5% committed christians could turn things around, through the grace of God.

  4. @Jürgen


    I’ve thinking about Ron’s post a lot, and maybe I’ll blog something about it later, but labeling Christianity, at least for me, also represents an important step to differentiate people, customs and symbols, and then isolating them in a „separated room“ on society. So, I also don’t think it’ll vanish, but for „banishment“ and meant that.

    I liked the term „Neopaganism“ (meaning of „Neuheidentum“, right?) that Ron used here very much. We are living in a world where Christianity, at least formally, is not the most important religion anymore (in countries who had once strong christian backgrounds), and with many other gods and beliefs, which means in the end that our God is just „Yahveh, the christian god“.

    As Christians, we need to respect everybody, love even our enemies, but also reaffirm what David said:

    Die Götter der Völker sind nur tote Götzen, der HERR aber hat den Himmel geschaffen. (1 Chronik 16:26 GNB)

    God bless.


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