NIV Zondervan Study Bible

41RVOe8eJ5L._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_Hier gibt es einen Sampler zur neuen NIV Zondervan Study Bible: NIV-Zondervan-Study-Sampler.pdf.

Die Bibel enthält folgende 28 theologische Essays:

  • The Story of the Bible: How the Good News About Jesus Is Central (Timothy Keller)
  • The Bible and Theology (D. A. Carson)
  • A Biblical-Theological Overview of the Bible (D. A. Carson)
  • The Glory of God (James M. Hamilton Jr.)
  • Creation (Henri Blocher)
  • Sin (Kevin DeYoung)
  • Covenant (Paul R. Williamson)
  • Law (T. D. Alexander)
  • Temple (T. D. Alexander)
  • Priest (Dana M. Harris)
  • Sacrifice (Jay A. Sklar)
  • Exile and Exodus (Thomas R. Wood)
  • The Kingdom of God (T. D. Alexander)
  • Sonship (D. A. Carson)
  • The City of God (T. D. Alexander)
  • Prophets and Prophecy (Sam Storms)
  • Death and Resurrection (Philip S. Johnston)
  • People of God (Moisés Silva)
  • Wisdom (Daniel J. Estes)
  • Holiness (Andrew David Naselli)
  • Justice (Brian S. Rosner)
  • Wrath (Christopher W. Morgan)
  • Love and Grace (Graham A. Cole)
  • The Gospel (Greg D. Gilbert)
  • Worship (David G. Peterson)
  • Mission (Andreas J. Köstenberger)
  • Shalom (Timothy Keller)
  • The Consummation (Douglas J. Moo)


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