Interview mit Michael Horton

John Starke hat mit Michael Horton über seine Systematische Theologie gesprochen. Horton über seine Intention:

God’s people have profited tremendously from these contemporary systems. I wanted to offer a summary of the Christian faith from a confessional Reformed perspective, interacting with contemporary biblical scholarship and some of the more recent questions that have been raised both within and outside of the tradition. Robert Reymond’s fine work explores the richness of Reformed theology, though I have some differences that I mention, mostly in a footnote here or there. But, like Reymond, I wanted to show how Reformed teaching holds together, not just on some topics (like sin and grace), but as an attempt to articulate the broader system of faith and practice.

Mehr Informationen über sein neustes Buch gibt es hier. Das vollständige Interview gibt es bei der TGC:

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