Christus im Zentrum, in Deutschland

Die Gospel Coalition hat einen Beitrag über die E21-Konferenz 2018 in Hamburg veröffentlicht: TGC president Don Carson and TGC Council member Bryan Chapell joined Evangelium 21 (E21) from May 24 to 26 for its eighth main conference in Hamburg, Germany. About 800 attendees came to praise, pray, and fellowship with likeminded believers from all over German-speaking Europe, and to learn […]

E21 und T4G feiern das 500-jährige Reformationsjubiläum

The Gospel Coaltion (TGC) hat einen Beitrag über die Evangelium21 Konferenz 2017 in Hamburg veröffentlicht. Darin heißt es unter anderem: In his second talk, Mohler exhorted evangelicals to devote more time, energy, and seriousness to preserving and nourishing their beliefs. Drawing from the recent history of the conservative turnaround in his own denomination, the Southern […]