CT Interview mit John Piper

Christianity Today hat mit John Piper über sein neues Buch und die Einladung von Rick Warren gesprochen:

You invited Rick Warren; would you say he exemplifies „thinking“?

No, I don’t think he exactly exemplifies what I’m after. But he is biblical. He quoted 50 Scriptures from memory. Unbelievable, his mind is Vesuvius. So I asked him what impact reading Jonathan Edwards had on him. What these authors like Karl Barth and Edwards do for him is give him a surge of theological energy that then comes through his wiring. What I wanted to do with Rick is force him to talk about thinking so pragmatists out there can say, „A lot of thinking goes into what he does.“

You received some negative feedback for inviting him.

It was real risky. I don’t even know if I did the right thing. If somebody said, „Are you sure you should have invited him?“ „No.“ I think the first thing I’d say—maybe the only thing—is I think he’s been slandered. I think we probably need to work harder at getting him right.

Hier: www.christianitytoday.com.

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