Die Häresie der Orthodoxie

410qDQzWojL._SL160_.jpgAndreas Kostenberger, der kürzlich an der FTH in Giessen unterrichtete, hat zusammen mit Michael Kruger das Buch:

  • Andreas Kostenberger u. Michael Kruger: The Heresy of Orthodoxy: How Contemporary Culture’s Fascination with Diversity Has Reshaped Our Understanding of Early Christianity, Apollos, 2010, 224 S.


Charles E. Hill, Professor of New Testament am Reformed Theological Seminary, schreibt dazu:

The Heresy of Orthodoxy will help many to make sense of what is happening in early Christian studies today. It explains, critiques, and provides an alternative to, the so-called ‚Bauer Thesis,‘ an approach which undergirds a large segment of scholarship on early Christianity. The ‚doctrine‘ that Christianity before the fourth century was but a seething mass of diverse and competing factions, with no theological center which could claim historical continuity with Jesus and his apostles, has become the new ‚orthodoxy‘ for many. The authors of this book do more than expose the faults of this doctrine, they point the way to a better foundation for early Christian studies, focusing on the cornerstone issues of the canon and the text of the New Testament. Chapter 8, which demonstrates how one scholar’s highly-publicized twist on New Testament textual criticism only tightens the tourniquet on his own views, is alone worth the price of the book. Köstenberger and Kruger have done the Christian reading public a real service.

Das Buch soll in Europa im Juli erscheinen und kann hier bestellt werden:

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