Frauen werden immer unglücklicher

Die Rechte der Frauen wurden in den letzten Jahrzehnten kontinuierlich gestärkt, ihre Lebensbedingungen verbessert. Der so genannte Happiness-Index, der in den U.S.A. das Wohlbefinden der Frauen ermittelt, zeigt, dass sie trotzdem immer unglücklicher werden.

Though the trends in the data certainly don’t suggest that all women are less happy as compared to men than they were back in 1972, the fact is that, across more than a million people, the trends are there, and they are going in the opposite direction than most would have predicted. And the sizes of these trends are meaningful. According to Stevenson and Wolfers, if you assume a strong link between being unhappy and being unemployed (which there is–the longer you’re out of work, the more depressed you become,) the decline in women’s happiness is as if women’s unemployment has risen from 10% to 18%.

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