Fünf christliche Comics

Fred Sanders erinnert an die fünf bedeutendsten christlichen Comics: www.scriptoriumdaily.com.


  1. (Ok, let’s do in English this time.)

    Very interesting these works of early christian comic books you pointed out here. And to say the truth, for what I’ve already seen of them, they had good quality with strong stories.

    Some years ago, in Brazil, some protestant artists tried to make something like that. They didn’t succeed, but I didn’t like that work either. And why? Because they followed the same mainstream tendency of comic books industry: „cool“ art, with heroes and villans in strong bodies, and poor stories, using always the same theme, that was the fight, or spiritual war, of forces of good and evil, represented by angels and demons.

    In a nutshell: a woman who believed in God, using Him as some kind of „great Force“ to summon the angels to fight the forces of evil.

    Christian comic books like that may appeal to some believers, but not for everybody, including me. What I’d like to see in a christian comic book is something much more dense, real, that would speak deeply to this generation of the problems in our everyday life that we face because of our face in Jesus Christ. Conflicts like the feeling of being different of all people because of our love of God in Jesus, or the pressure of the world in our lifes, or the dangerous work of people who risk their lifes to spread the message of God in some countries, or how God loves and helps us even when we commit mistakes.

    I mean, take the biblical book of Esther as an example. At least in my portuguese (of Brazil) translation, that we usually use in our presbiterian community, there’s not even a single usage of the word „God“ on it. Even so, how strong is that story! You can clearly learn a lot of God in our life with this book, and there’s no use of the „God“ word on it! Amazing.

    That’s why I liked that they made comic books like „God’s Smuggler“. Very good.

    This is a great theme to talk about in my blog, I’ll do so… thanks! 🙂

  2. Dear Cristiano,

    I agree with you in all aspects!

    Just two points:

    1. The publisher of Chick Tracts did – to my knowledge – not always tell the truth (they invented for instance a few things about the Catholic Church).

    2. I do not know „God’s Smuggler“. Where can I buy the comics?

    Blessings, Ron

  3. Hallo Ron,

    I think this comic book is no longer available, but I know the story because it’s a famous one. In fact, it’s a true story, and the book of it is very well-known. You can see the book here:


    Many people in Brazil likes this story, and we have a portuguese edition of it. It’s called there „O Contrabandista de Deus“, literal portuguese translation for „God’s Smuggler“.


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