R.B. Gaffin: Die Heilsordnung bei Paulus

201004071023.jpgGuy Davies hat das Buch:

  • Richard B. Gaffin Jr.: By Faith, Not By Sight: Paul and the Order of Salvation, Paternoster, 2006, 114 S., ca. 10 Euro

rezensiert. Thema des Buches ist die paulinische Heilsordnung (ordo salutis) und damit auch die »Neue Paulusperspektive« . Davies:

Gaffin also discusses eschatology and justification. Over and against N. T. Wright and other advocates of the „New Perspective on Paul“, the theologian does not think that justification is primarily concerned with the issue of who is a member of the church. He insists that justification is a forensic declaration that the believer is righteous in Christ. Justification thus defined that makes the gospel good news for guilty sinners. Paul emphasises that the Christian is justified on believing in Christ. Justification is therefore an event in the believer’s past. We have been justified by faith (Romans 5:1). But the apostle also teaches that there will be a future justification for believers (Romans 2:13, Galatians 5:5). Future justification will be „according to works“, but this does not compromise „justification by faith alone“. The believer’s past justification will not be imperilled by the future justification. N. T. Wright argues that future justification will be on the basis of a lifetime of faithfulness of God (see p. 98). But works will not be the basis of the believer’s future justification. Paul does not teach a future justification „by works“, but „according to works“. The distinction is an important one. The Christian is both transformed and justified on his or her union with Christ.

Hier die vollständige Buchbesprechung: exiledpreacher.blogspot.com.

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