Free Enquiry: Mission andersherum

Der Begriff »Mission« wird umgangssprachlich mit der Verbreitung religiöser Anschauungen unter Andersgläubigen in Verbindung gebracht. Dass auch Humanisten und Naturalisten missionieren, zeigt ein zweiter Blick auf das Journal Free Enquiry:

Free Inquiry publishes articles explaining the principles of secular humanism and supporting those living out its ideals. It explores the contributions

• Our best guide to truth is free and rational inquiry; we should therefore not be bound by the dictates of arbitrary authority, comfortable superstition, stifling tradition, or suffocating orthodoxy. We should defer to no dogma – neither religious nor secular – and never be afraid to ask »How do you know?«
• We should be concerned with the here and now, with solving human problems with the best resources of human minds and hearts. If there is to be meaning in our lives, we must supply it ourselves, relying on our own powers, observation, and compassion. It is irrational and ultimately harmful to hang our hopes on gods, the supernatural, and the hidden, which arise out of imagination and wishful thinking. It is pointless – and often dangerous – to push aside human intelligence to reach for some flimsy veil of alleged truths.

Das: »Es ist irrational und letztendlich schädlich, unsere Hoffnung auf Götter zu setzen«, klingt wie ein Glaubensbekenntnis. Zu den Autoren gehören übrigens Leute wie Arthur Caplan, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens und Peter Singer.

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