Geschichte, Prophetie und Gott

Rob Bradshaw Robert hat freundlicherweise das Buch:

  • Robert Rendall: History, Prophecy and God, London: The Paternoster Press, 1954

mit Genehmigung des Verlages im Internet publiziert. Auf dem Buchcover heißt es:

Today’s history was yesterday’s prophecy; to­morrow, today’s prophecy will have become history. Therefore history and prophecy are but different aspects of the same process, and must share a com­mon origin and end. This book seeks to shew that Biblical history and prophecy point to a Divine movement within and behind the flow of human affairs, and have their common origin in the purpose of God as it culminates in Christ.
As this book emphasizes, the authenticity of Biblical history is of vital importance. While myths may be used to illustrate and teach moral truths, they cannot document circumstances of fact. And the Event of Christ in history is an event linked with clearly-stated antecedent circumstances of fact. Consequently, Biblical history and prophecy must be viewed as a coherent whole, or we do but grasp isolated links instead of a chain.
Moreover, the unity of history and prophecy in God presents us with a moral dilemma and a personal challenge. If history be grounded in the decisions of the Divine will: if the structure of events be not fortuitous but deliberate: and if all moves to a culminating purpose—then it behoves all of us, who are the raw material out of which history and prophecy are made, to discover that Divine purpose for each of our lives, and to fulfil it.

Das Vorwort stammt übrigens von F.F. Bruce. Das Buch kann in Teilen oder vollständig hier herunter geladen werden:

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