Auferstehung: Brücke zwischen zwei Welten

Alister McGrath beschreibt auf persönliche Weise, weshalb für ihn die Auferstehung Jesus Christi vor dem Forum der Vernunft bestehen kann und es trotzdem nicht reicht, an die Historizität der Auferstehung zu glauben.

Today, I remain convinced that Christianity gives the best „big picture“ of reality, one which makes sense of science, history, culture, and personal experience. This is one of its greatest strengths, and it helped me come to faith. Yet I came to realize that it has more strengths than I had initially appreciated. I was like someone holding a diamond up to the light, and realizing it had many facets—each scintillating brilliantly in the light—and rejoicing as I came to appreciate their individual beauty and relevance.

A deeper appreciation of the significance of the Resurrection slowly began to dawn. I had always understood that the significance of the Resurrection went beyond deepening our understandings of the identity of Christ and our own situation. Yet I found it difficult to express this in words, and could not quite grasp its traction on the deeper things of life.



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