Die Albernheit der Kirche

christless-christianity.jpgTim Challies hat das Buch Christless Christianity von Michael Horton gelesen und seine Eindrücke publiziert. Hier sein Resümee:

Through all of this I’d suggest the most important statement in the book may just be this: »It is not heresy as much as silliness that is killing us softly.« This is where the book may be most useful for the conservative Christians who are the audience most likely to read it. All of us can fall into silliness without tossing aside the gospel. We can hold fast to Christian theology, even while allowing silliness and levity to pervade the very fabric of our church. A once-serious institution can become overrun by programs and purposes that slowly erode the gravity and simplicity of the church’s unique calling. This book is a call for the church to return to its biblical foundations and to remain true to those convictions. It is a clarion call and one that Christians would do well to heed. Christless Christianity is an excellent and timely book and one I would not hesitate to recommend to any Christian.

Die ganze Rezension gibt es hier: www.challies.com.

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