Gesunde Streitkultur

Tim Keller gibt drei hilfreiche Tipps für die Streitkultur in der Blogsphäre:

1. Carson’s Rule: You don’t have to follow Matthew 18 before publishing polemics.

2. Murray’s Rule: You must take full responsibility for even unwitting misrepresentation of someone’s views.

3. Alexander’s Rule: Never attribute an opinion to your opponent that he himself does not own.



  1. Wo ist der „Like it“ Button 😉

  2. Andreas meint

    Was bei dem Link unter 1. geschrieben ist, finde ich gut:

    In short, if someone is publicly presenting theological views that are opposed to sound doctrine, and you are not in the same ecclesiastical body with this person (that is, there is no body of elders over you both, as when, for example, both of you are ministers in the same denomination) then you may indeed publicly oppose those without going privately to the author of them.

  3. Danke!

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