Jerram Barrs‘ neues Buch über die Frauen

51kcQDu9mPL._SL160_.jpgJerram Barrs, Dozent am Francis Schaeffer Institute, hat eine neues Buch geschrieben. In:

entwickelt er Antworten auf die Frage: Was denkt Gott über Frauen? In der Einleitung erklärt er die Motive für das Buch mit folgenden Worten:

I have been deeply troubled in our churches by the way much teaching on women begins with the restrictive passages in 1 Corinthians 11 and 14 and 1 Timothy 2 and often ends there. It is not that those passages are insignificant, but I have been eager to ask a more foundational question: How does the Lord see women? I felt the best way to answer this question was to look at particular women whose stories are told in the Scriptures and to reflect on what God has to say. What does God think about women, and how does he treat them? My passionate desire and prayer is that the book will be an encouragement to women and a challenge to men to treat women with the same honor that the Lord himself shows. I originally gave these studies to about two hundred women in the setting of a women’s ministry at a local church. They were greatly encouraged by the studies, and it was these women who urged me to write this book.

Die Einleitung und das erste Kapitel des Buches kann hier herunter geladen werden:


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