Die Evangelikalen und die Sexualethik

Mark Galli von Christianity Today (CT) hat einen erstaunlich selbstkritischen Artikel über die evangelikale Familien- und Sexualethik verfasst. Kurz: Die Evangelikalen wurden weitgehend von einer Kultur des Individualismus infiziert. Für Ehe und Familie bedeutet das:

Evangelicals are sensitive to this reality, but are less aware of how much we proactively participate in the culture of individualism. While stopping short of abortion, we have not given much thought to our easy acceptance of artificial contraception. I’m not arguing for or against contraception here, only pointing to the reality that contraception has separated sex from procreation. That, in turn, has prompted most couples, evangelicals included, to think that sex is first and foremost a fulfilling psychological and physical experience, that a couple has a right to enjoy themselves for a few years before they settle down to family life.

In essence, we have already redefined marriage as an institution designed for personal happiness. We see ancillary evidence of this at the other end of marriage: Though it is a difficult thing to measure, the rate at which evangelicals divorce is hard to distinguish from the larger culture’s, and the list of reasons for divorce seems no different: »We grew apart.« »We no longer met each other’s needs.« »Irreconcilable differences.« The language of divorce is usually about the lack of self-fulfillment.


We live in a culture that by all accounts is descending into darkness, and our job is to reflect the light of Christ. We speak for what he says is right, using the lingua franca of the culture to argue that as best we can, using the political and social instruments at our disposal to the best of our ability, acknowledging our own complicity in the sins we decry, and pointing to the One who must save us all.

Hier der vollständige Artikel: www.christianitytoday.com.

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