Gordon Lewis (1926–2016)

Gordon Lewis ist am 11. Juni 2016 heimberufen worden. Douglas Groothius hat für Christianity Today einen Nachruf über den christlichen Philosophen geschrieben:

Lewis published seven books and many articles. His major work on apologetics is Testing Christianity’s Truth Claims (Moody Press, 1976). Along with Bruce Demarest, also a faculty member of Denver Seminary, he wrote Integrative Theology (1987–1992), a three-volume theology text that uniquely combines historical theology, biblical theology, doctrinal formulation, apologetics, and application.

His method for both theology and apologetics is verificationism (not to be confused with logical positivism), which he derived from evangelical philosopher and theologian, Edward John Carnell (1919–1967). This method puts forth a hypothesis (such as the existence of God) and tests it against rival hypotheses (such as atheism and pantheism) in order to determine which hypothesis best explains the matter in question. The best explanation will be logically consistent, supported by the facts, and existentially compelling. Lewis used this method in all his teaching and writing, making the corpus of his work extraordinarily consistent and compelling.

When Lewis retired from full-time teaching in 1993, I was hired in his stead to teach philosophy. I could not fill his shoes, but I followed in his footsteps. He encouraged me in his role as a senior professor. I knew Lewis as a generous, kind, peaceable, and deeply loving man. His impressive mind and academic achievements never led to pride or arrogance. He used his gifts for the glory of God through his teaching, writing, and mentoring.

After his retirement, Gordon Lewis was no longer household name in evangelicalism, but he should be remembered for his deep contributions to theological education, Christian philosophy, theology, and apologetics.

Das Buch Wahrheit und Liebe: Was wir von Francis Schaeffer für die Gegenwart lernen können enthält einen Beitrag von Gordon Lewis über die apologetische Arbeitsweise von Francis Schaeffer. Der Aufsatz enthält eine Tabelle, in der drei Ansätze der Apologetik gegenübergestellt werden. Hier:



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